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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: B&Mfreak on 10/1/2001 9:01:00 PM
the greatest, highest technology roller coaster.

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Paul on 10/1/2001 9:04:19 PM said:
That would go to Mr. Freeze or any other Premaier Launch. It doesnt matter though this is very close.
ThmPrkCrtc on 10/2/2001 9:37:13 AM said:
Hulks Launch is actually designed by Univeral not B&M, which is quite an achivement for the actual company to comp the costs for developing something like this. Its interesting all the behind the scenes stuff theyve built to get this thing to take off up hill the way it does.
XtremeFan8 on 10/2/2001 4:47:03 PM said:
did he ever say it was by B&M- NO! and he is right bout the hulk! it is the best- well cuz its B&M!
xDisney on 10/3/2001 8:45:28 PM said:
bogus poster - he just went down the line and gave all B&M coasters a 10
ThmPrkCrtc on 10/4/2001 4:32:04 PM said:
ExtermeFan, I was making the point that the launch was designed by the theme park not the coaster company...pointing out Universals dedication to a high quality product... Where did I say it wasnt the best?
XtremeFan8 on 10/4/2001 4:53:38 PM said:
no i never said u did- im saying it is the best luanch ride!
Sephiroth7 on 11/2/2001 6:23:27 PM said:
Confused little child arent you Xtreme...
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