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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
4 Rating Posted by: rfiato on 8/30/2001 12:19:00 AM
Undoubtedly, this ride is by far the best addition that Six Flags has made to this park since they bought it. To say that this coaster is a thriller would be a massive understatement. This was the first hypercoaster that I ever rode, and it dispelled my notion that the best roller coasters had to have inversions.

The two mist-filled tunnels are a novel concept, and the plentiful airtime on the hills is extremely impressive just about anywhere in the coaster -- for the record, I have ridden it in the middle, in the extreme back, and in the front half of the train (but not yet the extreme front; hopefully that will change soon) -- but the ride is, in my opinion, most intense in the back.

If you visit Six Flags New England, it is imperative that you ride this at least once -- and preferably multiple times -- before leaving.

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mrceagle on 11/14/2001 10:57:37 AM said:
I rode this one on the front, mindblowing the hang-time befor the train can drop leavs you looking down for about 6 seconds. Your adrenilan gets the best of you before the ride even starts.
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