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 Review of Mean Streak @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: Nerdboy on 2/22/2001 3:08:00 PM

Review Comments

Red Rascal on 6/7/2003 10:19:02 AM said:
I thought it was better than Son of Beast.
MagnumMan on 6/7/2003 1:52:53 PM said:
Its ENTIRELY better than SoB. NOTHING is worse.
MovieCoast on 6/7/2003 4:00:41 PM said:
Hey I love this coaster!!! Spread the love people!!!
3r1c on 6/7/2003 4:41:55 PM said:
Worst coaster ever? Try Shockwave at PKD. I thought Mean Streak was great. Ceader Creek Mine Ride was plenty worse, as was Corkscrew, Disaster Transport, Blue Streak and Wild Cat. Not that they were bad rides, they were good but Mean Streak was better IMHO.
MagnumMan on 6/8/2003 4:22:59 PM said:
Wooden-wise, yes. Overall, I dont know. So far, IMO its the worse out of all the coasters Ive been on. BTW: I love Disaster Transport! Its a great ride, but has too long a wait for what you get out of it.
Red Rascal on 6/8/2003 4:58:28 PM said:
I like all the coasters at CP, even Corkscrew and Iron Dragon. The worst woodie Ive been on was Big Dipper at WoA.
MagnumMan on 6/9/2003 3:46:36 PM said:
...I could have sworn I was standing up on Big Dipper because of the mega airtime...
Red Rascal on 6/9/2003 5:01:49 PM said:
I found it to be bumpy on the bottom of every hill. They should retrack it in many places. Until they do, Im going to keep avoiding it, like I have for the past two years.
MagnumMan on 6/9/2003 6:51:26 PM said:
Its a great out and back though. Plus its John Miller and it was built in the 20s. Because of this, I dont mind bumpyness on coasters like BD and Judge Roy Scream.
Red Rascal on 6/9/2003 7:22:09 PM said:
This is the only historic coaster I have a problem with.
MagnumMan on 6/9/2003 10:38:10 PM said:
What other historic coasters do you like?
Red Rascal on 6/10/2003 12:01:52 PM said:
It depends on what you consider a classic. I liked all the woodies at Kennywood. Blue Streak @ CP. Comet @ HP. Thunderhawk @ DP.
MagnumMan on 6/10/2003 7:46:01 PM said:
Those are some examples. Id concider any coaster built from the 50s down a classic (Excluding The Beast).
Red Rascal on 6/10/2003 8:00:08 PM said:
Id say the best one Ive been on so far is Thunderhawk. Its so smooth and fast considering its age.
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