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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: sixflags3 on 8/9/2001 5:18:00 PM
Oh My god. I just rode this today and im definatly changin my review. This has got to be the greatest ride on earth. The airtime on the first hill is so incredible its unspeakable. The ride dosnt let up there it goes into a mist filled tunnel which has a great headchopper effect. The ride continues with huge bunnie hops, well i dont think u can call them bunny hops if 100 foot drops are bunny hops. These "bunny hops" provide superior ejector air time. And then the ride comes to an end and you have no idea of what you just went through. If you go to Six Flags New England you MUST ride this thing. If not, your whole day will be to waste. This is the best ride in the park as well as one of the best in the world.

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DmctNY8 on 8/8/2002 11:01:39 PM said:
If it is a "Great Ride" why did it get a six?
rentzy187 on 8/9/2002 3:35:56 AM said:
If this is a great ride, why did you give it a 6. Cmon people! If youre going to be retarded, dont rate rides!!
DmctNY8 on 8/9/2002 10:09:39 AM said:
Also the Deja Vu which didnt even make his top 10 list (Superman is number 7) got an 8.
daptwa on 8/9/2002 1:26:13 PM said:
very good point DMCNYC8
sixflags3 on 8/9/2002 4:28:44 PM said:
o sorry guys, its just that my frineds have my user name and password for this site and they always change my reviews. ill fix it again to what i had before.
DmctNY8 on 8/9/2002 7:00:45 PM said:
Thats more like it! LOL Thanx for the update.
NYCTom on 8/10/2002 2:53:09 AM said:
umm..for a review you should not be so general.
DmctNY8 on 8/10/2002 9:54:51 AM said:
Thats true NYC if someone was using this site to help to decide what to ride at this park this review would not be especially helpful.
sixflags3 on 8/10/2002 12:02:25 PM said:
ok there are a ton of reviews for this ride and if someone was looking to see if what good rides there were at this park then it wouldnt matter to him if my review didnt mean anything to that person since there are so many other reviews for this ride. geez thats a run on sentence.
NYCTom on 8/10/2002 4:35:17 PM said:
add some commas and it wont be a run on sentence
DmctNY8 on 8/10/2002 5:02:43 PM said:
But you need to capilitize the O at the beginning anyway.
sixflags3 on 8/10/2002 6:17:34 PM said:
Oh im sorry I thought i was out of school.
DmctNY8 on 8/11/2002 12:04:05 AM said:
You are but im needs an apostriphe between the I and m. LOL
sixflags3 on 8/12/2002 6:18:11 PM said:
oOoOoOoO Im sorry.
DmctNY8 on 8/12/2002 7:31:45 PM said:
Thats better. Very Good!
NYCTom on 8/18/2002 10:49:01 AM said:
These you have to know anyway in the real world and not just in school....but i doesnt matter when youre online
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