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 Review of Grizzly Run @ Darien Lake
0 Rating Posted by: RideRevu on 8/4/2001 5:10:00 PM
This ride is a long wait on hot days, as you WILL get wet. As with most of the rest of the park, there is little to no themeing. Even if you stay dry the whole ride, there is no avoiding the last surprise waterfall. It is obvious this is an early river ride as there is no seatbelt or restraints. Something interesting to look out for: look at the rafts for the old, pre-Six Flags logo which hasnt been replaced.

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bratinola on 1/27/2002 11:36:16 PM said:
I think the Grizz was added to what was then Darien Lake Theme Park when I was 10? Circa 14 years ago. Alot of the rides dont have much themeing, as DLTP wasnt big on that. It was merely a family park then.Ive only been back twice since Six Flags took it over, and I only live thirty miles away!! The park has gained too much, and lost a little something with it. You used to be able to get in for $10 bucks!!
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