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 Review of Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: coasterman on 7/15/2001 3:59:00 AM
not the millennium force,but one of the best,old but powerful.the tunnels have neat bunny hills.before i rode the marvel named,magnum lx 200;i wondered,why do they rate this thing best steel coaster?after i rode the mill.force i was thinking,it cant be nothing to good,to intense,but was i wrong.the mill.force is better,but dont take a inch of intense fun out of this real "scream machine". i can only say,get ready,before riding the magnun,because its the bomb.ps, oct/11/2001 iam going to six flags great america in chicago,il to ride RAGING BULL and the following,de ja vu,batman the ride,v2,the5th fastest woodie the american eagle,and the shock wave.then going to massa. to ride superman,the ride that is said by half is better than mill.force and magnum.but anyway,the magnum is the bomb.

Review Comments

Paul on 7/17/2001 8:19:37 PM said:
if its your top ride #3 then why is it a 5?
ioaddict33 on 7/17/2001 10:19:02 PM said:
Personally, I think the rating is giving a little too much credit. Be happy.
Paul on 7/17/2001 10:26:43 PM said:
coasterman on 7/18/2001 5:10:00 PM said:
master coaster rd,sorry.i must say i forgot to do the number rating,igive it a 8,ok.comment back please,pretty,please.p.have you had funnel cake
Paul on 7/18/2001 7:37:46 PM said:
the hell????
TOGO_Fan on 7/18/2001 8:52:21 PM said:
Im coaster rd, the hell? TOGO_Fan
Paul on 7/19/2001 10:06:24 AM said:
you mean im with
TOGO_Fan on 7/20/2001 1:47:32 PM said:
Yeah, my bad...TOGO_Fan
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