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 Review of El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: jordansmommom on 7/13/2012 2:52:00 AM
My experience on El Toro was a nightmare !!! At the very first drop I was lifted out of my seat and the lap bar no longer was restraining me securely in my seat ! However the lapbar was very secure and tight when the ride started...I held on for dear life, with both hands holding onto the left side of the car ! After returning home, I read on goggle that the lap bar may cause problems for older and larger people. It says that the lap bar may slip over them causing the ride to shut down for safety reason.... Ok so I am not that old and not that large,but not a petite woman either !!! And that lap bar slipped over me on the first drop and that ride never shut down, as stated it does for safety reasons !!!!! I prayed to God to not let me die on that coaster !!! I guess I should have said something when I got off the ride but I was so shaken, I think I was in shock !!! I will however contact Six Flags, New Jersey tomorrow and voice my concerns. I conguered Kindg Ka, Flew like Superman,had a blast on Bizarro, Loved the Green Lantern, and Batman was a breeze....But I think El Toro has safety issues that need to be addressed with the lap bars and need to be replaced with should restraints/rool bars !

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Beethoven on 9/11/2013 12:49:06 PM said:
You maam', are a complete idiot. There have been no reported injuries ever on the El Toro roller coaster. Along with this, your lap bar has a .0001% chance of failing because with the hydraulic lap bar system they use on this ride, it is actually almost physically impossible for the restraint to open during the ride. What you felt is called "air time" or negative G force... that is what was lifting you in your seat. And the fact that you're still here alive to write this (un fair) review must mean your lap bar did well in holding you in during the ride. The ride throws you up out of your seat, it's meant to feel that way! (Like a bull, get it?!) And you can't argue your "holding on to the side" kept you in, because no human on earth would be strong enough to hold on without a lap bar with the amount of force this ride generates. Your concerns are futile.
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