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 Review of The Beast @ Kings Island
0 Rating Posted by: TheVipppppppper on 6/12/2012 12:05:00 AM
Wow letdown of the year slow lethargic unenergeticdefines the beast ride I had. The ride was braked on the first drop second hill and this giant shed with another brake at the very end another brake going into the "Ferocious double helix". I must have gotten the most unideal conditions possible caus the beast was good with about 2 things location/terrain and the helix even if it was slower than every pov I watched. Traveling through the woods at suburban street speeds is nice although I can only assume at high speeds with trees blurring past it would be great to slow now. The final helix was braked badly and it still delivered the highlight moment of the ride. Just my ride experience alone isn't enough to write of the beast but such potential possibly night rides redeeming it doubtful but a possibility , side note the ride wasn't rough just slow
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