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 Review of American Eagle, The @ Six Flags Great America
0 Rating Posted by: TheVipppppppper on 6/8/2012 7:33:00 PM
My neighborhood duel track racer coaster at six flags great America has amazing potential only held back by roughness on the first third of the ride before the helix and excessive braking at the top of the helix when the train is only moving at 15 miles an hour. The Eagle starts out with both sides turning opposite ways then proceeding diagonally under the station and brake run to the lift hill. If the trains are side by side wich is a suprisingly rare occurrence is actually not the ideal match up as i explain later. The ideal match up is the red sides front car is about 5 feet from the last car of the blue side, this will result in the trains being close enough during the helix and bunny hills so the red side doesnt win all the time. By now the trains have reached the crest of the lift the 140 foot plus drop below ground as the eagle screams skyward over two low hills occasionally giving airtime.after the two bunny hops the eagle flie skyward abruptly stopped by trims, slowly regaining momentum the rides start to spiral round 540 degrees the blue track on the outer track meaning the red side if they were side by side will overtake the blue. The twin trains squeal to the bottom and hit straight track with more trim brakes which are randomly applied before the sides brake off one dips the other rises the red side has more hills than the blue. The two tracks cross over under each other and eventually rise up into the second to last brake run coming to a complete stop before a final 360 degree helix for both to rise into the final brakes.overall a fine racing coaster although the raceing aspect is void most of the time with the helix, it's still a fun sometimes airtime filled ride with good laterals on the helixes
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