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 Review of Ninja, The @ Six Flags Over Georgia
0 Rating Posted by: SamJane on 7/27/2010 8:30:00 PM
Ninja is a steel coaster situated over a small lake with over the shoulder restraints. It has a very scenic lift hill, and some themed music as well as a relatively short queue line on most days. I ride it every time I visit this Six Flags park, and each time is a very different experience, so I'm going to try and sum it up best I can. Before the Ride To get to Ninja, you have to go out on a lake and wind in and out of railings a lot before reaching the actual station. I think Six Flags anticipated a lot more riders than they ever end up having. It's nicely themed, with Asian characters (as in words) all along the walls and the sides of the roof. Some very nice music is played that sounds quite ninja-ish as a matter of fact. Once you get in line, it's only about 2 rides later you get to ride the Ninja yourself! (That sentence was awkward.) Lines are VERY short on the days I've gone, probably because folks have gotten too lazy to walk a little bit to ride it. If you're short on time, run through the queue and in no time you'll be on and then off the ride. The Ride I like the water element personally, mostly because I have a fear of drowning so it ups the adrenaline factor for me. A pretty loud, kind of rickety lift hill for a steel coaster. Not quiet like you'd think a ninja would be like, but nice. The slow lift hill builds the excitement and lets you look off into the woods or check out Goliath at a distance. Finally, at the very top, we take a right turn and slow down so much I didn't think that we'd make it! Then a nice and quick drop into an inversion, another inversion, another one, until we've racked that number up to a solid five. A few turns, a few loop-de-loops, and it's back into the station. Oh, where do I begin? Ninja is VERY intense. By that I mean VERY painful! Keep your head firmly against the headrest, and even then you'll walk off of that ride with a nasty earache and if you wore earrings perhaps a cut or two. So many inversions are lined up back to back and if you're lucky you will only black out a little bit. It is the roughest steel coaster I've ever ridden, and probably because the layout is so very condensed and winding. People on ThemeParkInsider voted it the least popular coaster in the US, and probably one of the most uncomfortable. It breaks down all the time and is constantly being maintained.
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