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 Review of Tower of Terror @ Disney-MGM Studios
-2 Rating Posted by: Brian4663 on 11/19/2008 2:48:00 PM
Good but not great. Its more fun then scary. I never get terrorfied on it like Im supposed to. I will say that this is the ride that saved MGM from shutting down the theme park.

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taylorb251 on 11/24/2008 6:41:53 PM said:
I think this is the best ride at Disney and always have fun on it.
coaster05 on 11/25/2008 2:31:11 PM said:
So MGM would have shut the park down and not Disney, and by the way MGM no longer has anything to do with it.
mrceagle on 11/25/2008 6:55:53 PM said:
MGM itself never had anything to do with the park itself. Disney payed for he naming rights.
Brian4663 on 11/26/2008 2:38:49 PM said:
Guys, guys, calm down. I meant that if they never installed a thrill ride at this park that eventually it wouuld have went out of business like Splendind China. Did I clear that up enough that time?? And by them I meant Disney or whoever is in charge of it.
coaster05 on 11/26/2008 5:09:17 PM said:
You are really comparing the studios to Splendid China? Disney would never have closed down one of their main Florida parks, they would have just put a different ride in. IE Rock n Roll, or toy Story Mania. Two other rides that draw huge line.
mrceagle on 11/26/2008 11:58:16 PM said:
OR the Original Young Frankenstein attraction it was going to be. Not to mention MGM would have still added RRC a few years later.
praxis on 11/27/2008 11:06:26 PM said:
It'.s Franken-STEEN!
coasterjunkie37 on 1/12/2012 11:23:54 AM said:
they were building the park they were never gonna shut it down they put tower there as the first thrill ride with rrc in the works...animal kingdom is the one that was saved by their thrill ride mt everest which isnt even that fast and has no good drops
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