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 Review of Apollos Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
1 Rating Posted by: DDfan on 9/17/2008 2:16:00 PM
Apollo&#39.s Chariot was B&Ms first hyper coaster. A duck hit the model Fabio while riding on media day. With the amazing terrain of this park you can expect an amazing ride. The ride has little to no theming. It is still my second favorite ride to date.
Apollo&#39.s Chariot (I will refer to Apollo&#39.s chariot as AC from now on) delivers 825 feet of dropping the most on any roller coaster to date. It&#39.s amazing there is no way I can see someone not liking it. The ride starts out right into the lift unlike most B&Ms. The ride slowly carries you up 170 feet. The ride features the pre-drop like most B&Ms. The ride then takes you into a airtime marathon down the first drop of 210 feet at 65 deegres. Reaching speeds of 73 mile per hour you skid across a piece of track over a lake. You crest the second hill that reaches 131 feet. With each hill delivering massive Gs in on the up part of each hill and massive floater air on each down part of the hill. You crest another hill but, there is a small tent you speed thorugh before the third hill. The thrid hill is the second tallest part of the ride at 144 feet. The ride has a enourmous return helix into another hill. Into a seirs of turning hills. You then got thourgh a tiny hill of just 16 feet before diving into a hill over three times the size you just did without warning. This hill has ejector air the only part of the ride that does. The final brakes have you come to a scheering halt.
AC is an amazing ride it could not be better in any way I can think of. Worth a 45-60 minute wait. The trains seats are amazingly comfortable. Just an amazing ride.
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