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 Review of Sounds Dangerous @ Disney-MGM Studios
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 9/6/2008 8:27:00 AM
Drew Carey is widely regarded as one of the best comedians around. Disney is widely regarded for their effort to provide family-friendly fun. So how do the two mix? Surprisingly well for the most part since Drew’s humor still is scattered throughout the attraction, but it’s just all family-friendly, but however it just seems to lack that Disney charm found on other attractions.

Upon entering the building, there is a brief, but dull pre-show describing the whole premise of the attraction. Drew Carey’s character is going undercover live on air and we are going to see the pilot episode. It’s simple, but I honestly believe that it could have been executed better in my opinion. Also, one complaint I have about the attraction is the use of headphones. While the headphones themselves seemed to be of very high quality, I just dislike headphones in general since I’ve always found them uncomfortable.

The attraction itself was mildly entertaining. First and foremost, I must comment on the sense the ride tends to the most- hearing. All of the audio from what I could tell was crisp and clear. Regarding the movie part, I really didn’t find it all that enjoyable since the attraction really is an audio one and not a visual one. For the most part the attraction follows a darkened room, audio format, but there is a very surprise water effect that absolutely caught me off-guard. Throughout the whole attraction were little bits of humor, most of the time because of simple sound effects, with my personal favorite being the haircut that absolutely sends shivers down my spine.

Sounds Dangerous really is a unique attraction, but in my opinion it’s only worth experiencing if it’s a walk-on like it was for me. Other than some prolonged scenes of total darkness, the attraction isn’t all that scary, contrary to what Disney believes, but again the darkness is certainly daunting enough to frighten little ones. While not an attraction worth waiting for, it’s still a mildly enjoyable attraction thanks to some good humor and the fact that the whole attraction is air-conditioned.
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