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 Review of Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce
-1 Rating Posted by: CHM on 8/7/2008 8:11:00 PM
It&#39.s hard to add anything to the great reviews below. I rode this August 3, 2008 three times at 12, 3 and 5:30. Each ride was unique: the first near the back was a little rougher but this is what I like about wooden coasters - feeling the ride - versus too-smooth steel coasters. I heard they had refurbished the track but I like the fear-factor of feeling like the cars will fly off the rails. At first I was disappointed that the first drop wasn&#39.t a stomach-churner like traditional wooden coasters, but then realized it was a speed-inducing curve to send you careering through the woods with an out of control feeling. Second ride I went no hands until those last hills that have great air-time and grabbed the side at one point. Third time we waited for the front car. my eyes were tearing the whole time and knowing the curves better it was a no-hands 60+ mph speed thrill and convinced me I could ride the thing 10 times straight in a row. It&#39.s not scary in any way, just wildly exhilirating and with each ride my appreciation grew.

It&#39.s great speed for a wooden coaster, the woods are lush right now and the excellent hills at the end make it a consistently fun rush throughout. A poster below called those hills &quot.cathartic finales,&quot. and they are. Someone has a YouTube video where they filmed from the first car and the blips of silence are the air-times on those final hills. Not sure what the poster below meant by getting &quot.stapled&quot. since with no hands I didn&#39.t experience any negative effects with the lap bar.

The line looked daunting, but we waited no longer than 20 minutes and when they had both trains running I clocked 17 minutes and that was waiting several turns for the front seat. This beats the long Six Flags lines and you feel like you get your money&#39.s worth.

When I was a kid in the early 70s, LC was kind of a rinky-dink park with just the Wild Cat as it&#39.s main thrill. Boulder Dash was a great addition (I was out of state for 15 years), so I&#39.m glad CT has this on-the-chart wooden coaster. I&#39.m giving it a 10 for uniqueness and the wooden adrenaline-rush. Now I want to go back and ride it at night, for sure.
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