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 Review of Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: phoenix on 8/2/2008 2:28:00 PM
Kingda Ka was the most anticipated ride I wanted to experience during my last visit to Great Adventure. I was not nervous at all about riding it, but I got the butterflies once we got up into the station. Kingda Ka has a very nice location in the park. Its queue is surrounded by tall grass like you&#39.d find near a tropical lake. There was a fan in the line which I think was supposed to spray water, but at that time it was not. The line didn&#39.t move very quickly, but it did go faster than I expected. I did enjoy watching the trains launch right beside us while in line! My friend and I decided to sit in the third or fourth row from the front of the train. The orange, plastic/foamy shoulder restraints were comfortable and spacious. The lap part is what kept our keisters on the seats. Once the OTSR were in place and locked I can hear lots of nervous giggles from the back of the train. We advanced to the launch track from right side of the station. After sitting there for a minute or so, the imminent launch is on us! I don&#39.t remember hearing the &#39.arms down, head back, hold on&#39. even though I was listening for it. I felt the cable car as it went under the train. I started to countdown (Five...) in my head as the brakes hissed (Four....) we rolled back slightly (Three...)the train stopped (Two....) not much time for anything else (One....) We take off like a rocket, going faster and faster and faster like there&#39.s no tomorrow...or we&#39.re going to end up in tomorrow! There really isn&#39.t an exact way to describe what the actual launch feels like! I&#39.m one of those crazy people who&#39.s got hands up against the wind that&#39.s so forceful I can feel the air being sliced by my arms and fingers! Halfway down launch track, the train is still speeding up and begins to shake so we don&#39.t know exactly when we&#39.re going to take off towards the sky. In the three seconds we have on the launch track, we probably wouldn&#39.t know it anyway. Next thing we see is blue, white and bright. The train turns, still going up and there&#39.s no time to hope for a rollback. We slow slightly, our weight now rests on the spacious shoulder restraints, I make a mental note of the tiny trees and parking lot below before all I can see is green steel and green ground. As the train whips around still plunging for earth, we come very close to the steel supports, but this does not feel like a head chopper to me. Back on the ground, we fly over the massive bunny hill, but feel the brakes kick in at its peak. We slow down very quickly, make a U-turn back into the station and Kingda Ka is over in the blink of an eye. While this is a one of a kind experience, the King loses points with no airtime, very short ride, and little desire for a reride. I also think that while the launch is a terrifying thrill, I wonder what the anticipation of a chain lift to 456 feet would be like! And a longer bird&#39.s eye view! I would still recommend riding this, the current record breaker for the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world!
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