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 Review of Rolling Thunder @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: phoenix on 7/28/2008 12:33:00 AM
My latest experience on Rolling Thunder has an equal amount of pros and cons. The day I rode, both coasters were up and running and were able to race most of the time. My group knew of its roughness before we decided to ride it, but afterwards, I didn&#39.t think it was any rougher than other woodies similar to it. I was closer to the front of the train and some of my friends rode towards the back and had a rougher ride. The music in the station &#39.Rollin, rollin, rollin&#39. was a nice touch until its repetition became somewhat annoying. Part of the reason for the long wait in the station was because of how slowly the ride attendents loaded and unloaded the trains. While the ride seems a little shorter than most (it is an older ride) it seemed the majority of the time we spent on the train was waiting for the other trains to dispatch so we could pull into the station to unload. That&#39.s how bad loading time was. The ride itself was good. Our train was ahead when we got on the lift hill, but the other track (right side) has a faster chain and so its train went over the hill first. Close to the top of the lift hill is a set of old fashioned double loud speakers in which the &#39.Rollin, rollin, rollin&#39. song could be heard faintly. This ride mostly consists of bunny hills as most woodies do. The tracks are not side by side and are not identical, but symmetrical in some spots. When one goes up the other goes down. The trains meet up again at the end and there is no winner identified by the ride as there is with Hersheypark&#39.s Lightning Racer. To me, which ever train stops first is the winner, but even the losing train is a winner because its passengers get longer ride! This is a good first coaster for those just trying them out. There was just one thing about this ride I couldn&#39.t figure out. While waiting in line for El Toro there were several ear splitting airhorn blasts that sounded like it was coming from RT. We thought is was to let the operator know that the chain lift had stalled and needed to be reset. Does anyone know what the airhorn blast is for? Oh, and just for the record, our train won!
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