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 Review of Mean Streak @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 7/25/2008 9:35:00 PM
Mean Streak was not Nearly as bad some people have exagerated, but I&#39.m sure it could be a lot better, the coaste has alot going for it in the sense that it has the potential to create huge drops, high speeds and some decent airtime, all of those thrills are lost somewhere in that pile of wood. The coaster itself IS still fun though, the first drop is fun but messed up by the first trim, even with the trim the coaste gets pretty shaky at the bottom, but nothing I would classify as rough, you head into a highly banked turn and then into snaking twisting turns and hills that are actaully really fun, though shaky and not very intense they meander the course giving a fun decently thrilling coaster its a very good layout and IF it is fixed up so they can take the trims off it is capable of being a really great coaster as it stands now its good, the turns are fun and thrilling the drops are shaky and fast and rattle you thrilling you even more and there are even a few hints of airtime. So all in all this coaster is fun and thrilling sure its not amazingly intense but that doesn&#39.t mean it should sit and get ridiculed it&#39.s still defintely worth a ride or two on your vistit to Cedar Point and hopefully one day they can take the trims off and let this coaster live a little more.
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