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 Review of Tomb Raider: The Ride @ Kings Island
0 Rating Posted by: Animan1 on 7/14/2008 10:16:00 AM
My first and last top spin. Although my personal experience on the ride was more like a 1, such a rating would not be entirely fair, given that much of my poor experience was due to my own dislike of the ride, and not a result of the ride itself (does that make sense?). Irrespective of this fact, I did not find the ride to be enjoyable at all. The supposed theming that they seemed to advertise on signage before the ride (smoke and strobe effects, lights, etc.) was nowhere to be seen, and all told, the ride essentially boiled down to being spun and flipped around in the dark. The ride also gave my stomach more than it had bargained for, and although I was not sick because of it, it did shake me up for some time (I generally have a fairly high tolerance for this kind of thing, with coasters rarely affecting me at all). I will grant that the ride was intense, and I didn&#39.t get beat up on it, but I did not enjoy the sensations that the ride produced and overall regretted riding, something that rarely happens to me. Definitely one to avoid unless you are a big fan of top spins.
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