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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
1 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 6/30/2008 4:23:00 PM
The real SROS, as I affectionately call it, was my main reason for traveling 400 miles to Massachusetts. The forces and sensations it delivered were top class, but before I start, I need to take a moment of silence for my dear digital camera, who, after surviving without major blemish for over two years, lost its pristine display after my first two rides on this beast! As far as I know, the camera still functions properly; however, whenever I look into it I will be forever reminded of the best steel coaster on the planet, thanks to my camera's scratched, faded display. Again, the ride did not disappoint, and at this point in my coaster career it stands out as THE best steel coaster I've ridden-and the only one I would consider world class. The airtime on every hill, including the first drop from the back, was expected, but nothing short of heavenly. What surprised me were the two mid-ride helixes-both of which provided more intensity than all other Intamin rides I've ridden put together!
This was unexpected, but really completed the coaster. Most hyper coasters provide riders with a MCBR, a straightaway, a forceless turn or helix, or anything to give riders a "break-" SROS blatantly fails to follow precedent, and I couldn't praise Intamin more for that! One other surprise was the lack of a new school, butter-smooth ride that so many hypercoasters seem to give. Perhaps this was the first or second "Intamin Rattle" I've noticed. The B&M hypers and even Steel Force are much, much smoother. This does not really bother me, but I am very surprised that a ride of this nature could be ranked so highly in what is, in my opinion, a rather pansy-like enthusiast community. So, all other ramblings aside, SROS is an airtime monster with great elements stacked right on top of each other. This tremendous pacing has got to promote what "feels" like the longest coaster I've ever ridden. Truly not a second to catch your breath-just hang on for the ride. I could ride this coaster all day-and until I get to ride some of Intamin's European masterpieces, I believe this will remain my number one steel coaster for at least a few months!
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