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 Review of Skull Mountain @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 5/14/2008 3:44:00 PM
This was really an enjoyable coaster, and should not be skipped by any enthusiast, family, teenager, or anyone else. I just loved the quirky theme to this ride. Various little parts of the ride reminded me of Volcano the Blast Coaster, and I wasn’t expecting that at all! The mountain, the shields and skulls as themeing, the indoor/outdoor aspect, and even some of the “Intamin sounds” the rides make are just eerily similar! The ride itself was pretty good, about a 5 depending on your seat, but the build-up and themeing was enough to make it an above-average 6. There’s nothing all that scary about the ride itself, but the park did everything they could to put in cheap, wacky spoofs! The weird music, the long dark tunneled queue line, the waterfalls, the announcement of “Six Flags most terrifying coaster;” It may not sound like much, but it worked for me! The building wasn’t too dark, but still ALMOST pitch black. The ride itself begins with a small drop that provides airtime in the back and none at all in the front. The middle was alright with some twists and such, but basically was a lowlight of the ride. Some of the turns caught me off guard because of the darkness, so they did their job well. There is another hop at the end of the ride which may or may not produce airtime in the back. It should, but I didn’t really notice any. Over all, the ride is a little short, but it is smooth and has one or two good moments of airtime. Nothing really major, but it serves its purpose well and is good fun. I liked a lot of its aspects better than the parks “number two” Intamin, Kingda Ka. Skull Mountain actually has a decent capacity, smooth ride, AIRTIME, and…….oh yea…….a layout! It’s a wonder that I actually liked Ka better.
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