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 Review of Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: sharkbait on 5/4/2008 5:13:00 PM
From the front row, this thing is absolutely amazing. A perfect 10. Yes, it breaks down a lot. Yes, the waits can get ridiculous. Yes, the entire coaster is a contrived record-breaker. But by golly, the sheer force in the front row is incredible. You feel like youre in some gigantic, out-of-control slingshot. You can feel your skin peeling off of your body. Your eyes water until theyre dry. It is without a doubt the most intense experience Ive ever had on a coaster. The airtime is nonexistent, even on the so-called airtime hill, but thats ok, because KK doesnt need it. Even though Ive been on the front several times, it still manages to scare me a little bit every time.

From any other row, I would give this ride a 7. Its still decent, but everything is significantly weaker than in the front. As long as youre waiting for KK anyway, you might as well just add an extra few minutes to your wait to get in the front row, because it really is that big of a difference. Hopefully the rest of your party is cooperative.

(I decided to go with a 9 because its a 10 in the front and a 7 anywhere else- the average of that is 8.5 so I decided to round up.)
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