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 Review of SheiKra @ Busch Gardens Tampa
0 Rating Posted by: erinys on 4/17/2008 2:45:00 AM
How can a ride I give a 9 end up in my Top Ten? Heck if I know. As we are all aware SheiKra is kind of a one hit wonder (or maybe two). But what a one it is! Unlike something like Kingda Ka on which you are back down on the ground before you feel the descent, SheiKra has the opposite approach, perfect timing to let you know what you in for, as you shiver with antici - pation. Perhaps even anticipating more than the ride delivers. The drop isnt that large, its power is in that anticipation. Over two rides, first in back and then in front, it gave that "oh crap!" moment so many of us live for and rarely feel. Drops and going straight down are my last fear, so to stare down those rails is to me like looking down into the 7th circle of hell. In a good way. The immelman surprised me but wasnt overwhelming. I cant truly say it should be longer, but Id like a little more action at the end. They tried to fit in a variety of effects, but just not intense or diverse enough. If SheiKra and Great Bear or Medusa had a child, THAT would be a ten.
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