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 Review of Tumble Bug @ Conneaut Lake Park
2 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 4/2/2008 12:12:00 PM
Many people think of Blue Streak when they think of Conneaut Lake, as it is the perceived "star" of the park. And dont get me wrong, Blue Streak is good. But in my eyes, the real headliner of this park is one of the simplest looking flat rides they offer - the Tumble Bug. I give major kudos to parks that cherish and hold on to attractions like this that are much older and truly one of a kind. This is one of only 2 of this type of ride in existence today. The other resides at my home park Kennywood, and although I find that ride (Turtle) to be a blast and truly amazing, Tumble Bug at Conneaut is even better!! Theyve really done an incredible job with the upkeep and appearance of this ride. It looks incredible, and also has that great old feel to it. The ride operator moved nice and quick and filled up the cars, keeping waits very minimal. As for the ride itself, it is just hard to say in words how FUN this thing is. It feels quicker than it probably is, and before long riders are just laughing it up as they slide all around and even get little pops of air over the humps. The cars are roomy and there are essentially no restraints, which makes me think back to what it was like back in the time where rides like this were more common and society wasnt all sue-happy! The ride cycle is outstanding as well, as Ive always gotten a very long ride on this. Simply put, Tumble Bug is the best ride at Conneaut Lake to me. It is loads of fun, wonderfully unique, and incredibly rare. If the parks open and you happen to be there, without a doubt the best advice I can give is this - DONT MISS the exceptional Tumble Bug!!

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detroit_jc on 4/2/2008 4:25:03 PM said:
is this the harry traver tumble bug? if it is i believe there is still an old beat up one in chippewa park in ohio.(sbno)
adriahna on 4/12/2008 4:10:35 PM said:
Yeeeup - Traver Tumble Bug, indeed. Really great review, Phantom - I dig that you can put this simple, but fun as all get out, ride at the headline position for Conneaut. Well written, too.
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