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 Review of Bizarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: psu_dude on 4/1/2008 1:31:00 PM
Medusa is an unbelievably fun and thrilling floorless coaster that really impressed me. This park may lack in flats and overall park/guest experience, but what it does lack in those areas it makes up for with its collection of world-class caliber coasters! Medusa hides itself in the very back reaches of the park, towering right next to the parks drive through safari. It boasts a smooth and relentess ride filled with dynamic inversions and killer forces throughout its marvelous layout. Kicking things off is a really good twisting first drop that leads into a huge vertical loop with some nice hanging sensations. Then its one shot after another of perfectly spaced out inversions, from the dive loop and cobra roll to the perfect inversion sandwiched between them - the zero-g roll, which is by far my favorite inversion on any steel loopers, including the floorless variety. Theres a nice drop out of the brakes with a hint of airtime, and then comes the fast-paced finale with the interlocking corkscrews that are very good and amazingly smooth. It baffles me how B&M can perform all these wild and crazy manuevers and still have a coaster of theirs be as smooth as they are. Lines are usually nice and short for this as well, as it is almost forgotten in the mix of the parks other coasters. Be sure not to overlook this wickedly fun coaster though, as Medusa is the standard that all other floorless coasters should be held to!
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