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 Review of SheiKra @ Busch Gardens Tampa
0 Rating Posted by: fergusonat on 3/16/2008 11:25:00 PM
I will admit I wasnt very excited about riding SheiKra. I thought that I had gained a solid idea of what to expect from a Dive Machine from riding Griffon so much at my homepark BGE. I figured it wouldnt be much different.

I was wrong

Believe me when I tell you that if SheiKra had the second half that Griffon has, it would blow Griffon out of the water. SheiKras first drop is essentially exactly as intense and airtime-filled as Griffons. It is the giant first Immelman where SheiKra excels over its BGE sister. The forces exerted on riders is phenomenal and it is virtually impossible to stay in your seat. So much airtime. It was glorious. Griffons Immelman lacks this intensity, and I really wish it didnt, because it was outrageous.

With that being said, SheiKras second half falls flat on its face. The second 87 degree drop is great as always, but the overbank turn was just plain boring. I will admit that the watersplash area is much more interactive than Griffons, but the second half of the ride blows. Thus, I still enjoy Griffon much much more overall simply because of its strong finish.

Still, SheiKras superior Immelman is well worth noting!
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