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 Review of Space Mountain (2005) @ Disneyland Park
1 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 3/13/2008 6:33:00 PM
I managed to ride this Space Mountain twice on my recent trip to Disneyland and I will go ahead and say I didnt think it was as good as the one in Orlando. The ride is still very good. I love the Space Mountain theme in general, though I was disappointed that it was lacking the glow in the dark strips on the side of the trains, as well as the peoplemover. The side-by-side seating was just wrong if you ask me. But, once I got past those flaws, the ride really delivers. It doesnt have the sudden sensations that the Orlando version has, nor does it have any airtime, but it does have an amazing sensation of speed, and it does get pretty intense towards the end of the ride. The layout isnt terribly varied though, but overall its one of the better rides at Disneyland.

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Pete C on 3/14/2008 6:37:30 PM said:
Why do glow in the dark strips matter on this ride...you cant see into the dome.
praxis on 3/14/2008 10:45:48 PM said:
Glow in the dark strips? Now THATS a 70s vibe. Shagarific, baby!
BobFunland on 3/15/2008 12:48:43 AM said:
I love seeing the cars whiz by on the Orlando version. Simple as that.
ginzo on 3/18/2008 6:39:05 PM said:
Although I usually prefer Disneyland versions, this is one ride where Orlando wins hands down.
nyeboy9 on 3/18/2008 10:07:21 PM said:
I agree with Funland. The glowing cars whizzing past are a great part of Space Mountain. I hope they always keep those in Orlando.
Scott on 7/26/2008 2:25:04 AM said:
hmmn. I'.m a little late commenting here but I always thought the DL version was superior. It'.s darker during the daytime, in much better condition, and has a higher capacity. I also seem to enjoy the ride more, as it feels much smoother than florida'.s. Maybe once the space mountain in florida is re-done, it will be the better ride?
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