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 Review of WildCat @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 3/11/2008 3:50:00 PM
Wildcat, the devilish little creation from Schwarzkopf, is a hidden gem at Cedar Point, and was easily one of the most pleasant surprises during my first trip out there. This is the coaster equivalent of dynamite, as it is small but packs an incredible wallop! As other reviewers have mentioned, this coaster is so overshadowed here, but dont pass it by in a hurry to board the other steel giants. This cat is worthy of your attention! And with its newer color scheme, its not like you can miss it! LOL Wow, is that some color scheme. Neon green and purple....it works, and its better than the ultra-bland former colors, but it takes some getting used to. Some claim to agonize in long lines for this, but Ive rarely waited more than 15-20 minutes for a spin on Wildcat. I think thats pretty good for a coaster this compact where capacity cant be incredibly high anyway. The coaster "cars" are a nice touch, and I like the look of them. Wildcats greatest asset is its intensity, which is top notch from start to finish. The layout is chalked full of sharp drops (with some sharp little pops of airtime), tight turns, and some ending helices that are packed full of forces. This feline has some jump in his step as well, as the whole course is navigated at a quick clip. One negative is some of the sudden jolts and stops at a couple points (including a very sudden stop at the end), but that is relatively minor and doesnt hamper the ride experience. Its amazing really how many thrills are packed into such a small footprint. And above all else, Wildcat is a blast to ride. To me, Wildcat is everything that most wild mouse kind of coasters only dream theyd be. It is intense, loads of fun, and very thrilling. Overall its a great ride and a real winner for a coaster that looks so modest. Final Rating – 7.5/10
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