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 Review of Stitchs Great Escape @ Magic Kingdom
2 Rating Posted by: woofboy111 on 3/9/2008 1:03:00 AM
I rode Stitchs Great Mistake knowing that Stitch replaced one of the most genius attractions in Disney history. I was at least hopeing the attraction came close to being as great as Alien Encounter...

The first thing I noticed in the first preshow was that it seemed vaguely familiar. It was all animated, and it wasnt too horible, but I would have perfered to have live-action aliens telling you how their products are really their to help you and the profit they get from them is just a byproduct that they have learned to live with. I walked into the second preshow and was pleased to see that Skippy was still sitting in a XS Teleportation Tube. S.I.R. was still there too, only with a new costume and a new name. I liked the robot as S.I.R. a whole lot more than whatever its called now. Having an evil robot voiced by Tim Curry is wonderful, but now its just annoying. The new costume detracts from how realistic the movement of the animatronic is as well. Then the second Skippy teleported in, only with a new skin, mixed in with some animated sequences on screens. It didnt mix well. The robots were all too realistic, and the cartoon was too cartoony...

The main show was where everything really got bad. The show basically took the script from Alien Encounter and tweaked it a bit in the worst way. Stitch teleports in rather than the alien. He is a wonderful animatronic, but doesnt look cartoony enough to match the animated sequences shown on the screens, just like in the preshow. He escapes. Knocks out the power. Blows on you. Licks you. Same stuff as Alien Encounter, only very disjointed. I dont think it would be as bad if they came up with a completely new story here, but instead it was just a cheap redo of what was previously there with really no creativity added to change stuff.

And that is why Stitchs Great Escape is Stitchs Great Mistake...

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nyeboy9 on 3/9/2008 7:45:58 PM said:
Stitchs Great Mistake. I wish I would have thought of that. I agree with the whole cartoon thing, especially when it shows Stitch running around Disney World. I just wanted it to end. I can also still smell that horrible "burp" smell...ugh.
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