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 Review of Corkscrew @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 2/29/2008 5:42:00 PM
Some coasters and rides, for one reason or another, I just have a soft spot for. In some instances it is because of a wild memory from my more youthful days. And in other cases, it can be simply because a ride has just defied all logic and, despite having a design that can be viewed as simplistic by many, has endeared itself to the public as unique or classic as it continues year after year to dish out the rides, seemingly unphased at all by the newer beasts that sprout up around it. The latter instance applies in spades to Corkscrew at Cedar Point. It just keeps plugging away, doing its thing over the middle of the main midway as it has for 30 years. I just cant help it, I flat out like this little coaster! And I think that many people can often make the case that in this park, despite all the cutting edge coasters all around each corner, Corkscrew remains today a true park icon.

I love the simple novelty that this coaster brings to the table. Back in the late 70s, inversions were all the rage, and CP decided to go for the trifecta, introducing this little steel creation complete with a loop and TWO corkscrews. We roll our eyes at such stats today, but back in that time frame it was some heavy stuff. But its not so much the number of inversions as it is the placement of them, in particular the ending double corkscrew. Those were placed right smack in the middle of the midway, passing right above onlookers heads. And thats one of the qualities and quirks that I love about Corkscrew. Not many places will offer a coaster that gets so close to people strolling through. For that alone, I think the coaster should be commended.

As for the ride itself, Im not going to rave that it is the best coaster ever made, but for an older Arrow looper its not too shabby at all. The first drop is short and not too steep, but it gives a small pop of air in the back. What follows is a greatly surprising and powerful little air hill that tosses you into the restraints, which is a nice bonus! Then comes the decent loop before leveling out and diving into the double corkscrew over the midway. After that, the brakes kick in and you are done. The coaster certainly does have its faults, dont get me wrong. It is a very slow loader and unloader, and often times you spend more time sitting on the brake run than you do on the ride. And that leads to its other huge weakness - it is so darn short! Blink more than a few times and you might miss it entirely. But you know what, I dont care, cause I like it anyway. Its got character, style, and an endearing quality that brings me back for a few rides on every visit. It lands in my list as a solid steel entry, and an above average steel looper. It is very smooth considering its age, and it has that devilish little airtime surprise that is next to impossible to find on many steel loopers. And it has those playful inversions that interact with the public while providing some visuals that are top-notch. But most of all, this little fella is fun. Corkscrew proves oh so wonderfully that these older coasters that were put in so long ago can stand up and still hold their own today. In the grand scheme of things, yes, it is just an above average steel looper. But it possesses qualities that I just have a soft spot for, and always will. When going through Cedar Point and soaring to glorious heights on their many steel giants, take some time to stop by and give this venerable old classic a spin. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

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psu_dude on 4/1/2008 11:41:06 AM said:
Great review, and I agree that this is one of the parks true "icons". I for one hope that this ride is never sacrificed in the near future for the sake of expansion, as it provides such a neat backdrop over that midway with the corkscrews right above peoples heads.
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