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 Review of Flying Super Saturator @ Carowinds
0 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 2/9/2008 5:46:00 PM
Date Ridden: May of 2007 Times Ridden: 1 (facing backwards) So far on this site, I have reviewed mainly coasters since they are my preference when it comes to theme park thrills. However, once in a while along comes either a flat ride (maxair/delirum or skyhaw, a totally immersive attraction (Tower of Terror or Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye), or a 3D sark ride extravaganza (Curse of Dark Castle/Spiderman) that offers a top of the line blast of a good time. Sometimes even a log flume (Rip-Saw Falls) can do the same thing. I prefer coasters, but i really enjoy these other attractions as well. Now where was I going.....oh yeah. The Super Saturator.... Is it a coaster or simply a "theme park experience". As a coaster, this ranks in the family coaster range of a 5 or 6 on par with Swamp Thing at Wilda Adventures/Cypress Gardens or Runaway Reptar at Carowinds itself. However, I am not going to crtique it as such. I am going to base my grade (a solid 8 ) on the entire attraction and the amount of fun one can have by particpating. First, you WILL get soaked. There is no question about that. Most riders take the easy way out and simply bomb the people in line since they are sitting targets. We were drenched well before getting on the ride itself. I am assuming that most people know each rider has a "water bomb" that can be used one time by pulling a lever. While you are riding, bystanders are manning water cannons and pushing buttons activating water explosions in order to further soak you. You have the option of attempting to hit these people instead of the innnocent and defenseless targets standing in line. While waiting in line, we noticed one girl (rather large in skin tight white leotards and a white top) firing a water cannon toward the end of the ride. She was abolutely soaking people and most all of the riders had already emptied their bombs by the time they reached her. She was a having a blast. It was at this point that me and my partner/girlfriend made a vow.....white leotard girl would pay and pay severely. We watched as other cars moved along the track. We watched as they released their bombs and decided on the precise point at which we were to send down the water laden "Fat Men" from our Enola Gay suspended coaster car. When the time came (we had decided upon the back seat so we could see her reaction) we dropped and released......and did we ever connect!! She never knew what hit her as she had no clue we were armed as we came by. The que line let out a huge cheer as we moved back toward the station house....alas we were pummeled by an 8 year old at the final point blank water cannon (he hit me directly in the eye) but it was still worth it. As we exited, the spandex lady had left probably due to the necessity of changing clothes into something less revealing. We on the other hand, found a spot in the sun and attempted to dry off since it was a semi-cool day. Our wait for the ride was only about 20 minutes but it still had terrible capacity as we were almost on the steps once we walked through the line. Its sad that this ride is no longer running since it was great fun for the entire family. I am going with the 8 due to the uniqueness and the overall fun factor. High thrills were not an expectation for the SSS, but loads of laughs were. And this little ride delivered.
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