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 Review of Triwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue) @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 1/27/2008 1:43:00 PM
Date Ridden: Once on the front in January of 2007 and multiple times in January of 2008. Times Ridden: 5 Total on Ice plus 5 on Fire for a total of 10 rides. Hopefully you read my lengthy Fire review first as it covers many of the overall positive aspects this attraction has. Ice offers a different layout with one extra duel (easier to see that is) plus a super near miss with the castle wall as the coaster enters the cobra roll. I always pull my feet in much like I do on Montu with its near miss of the temple ruins. Ice has a little better as[ect of dueling as it has a longer run up at the double loops. It is much eaiser to see this inverson/duel on this side of the coaster.Ice is still an intense ride, but it does slow down a little toward the end. There is one final duel in the last part of the ride that is much more visually noticeable on Ice since you are going slower (but by no means slow....Ice is still very quick all the way to the end). Once again, while the front row offers the best visuals, you still get the dueling aspect in all seats as we rode in virtually every seat on the train. I really like the back seat on Ice as you get some great visuals of the other train going through inversions at numerous points throughout the ride. I would recommend on your first time through each side, go ahead and wait the extra time on the front car. After that, simply ride the first available row and try to get a wide variety of seats. That way one can get everything that this compact little ride has to offer. Also take some time to hang out at some of the lookout points. This ride is almost as much fun to watch and appreciate from the viewpoint of a coaster enthusiast as it is to ride. It is amzing at some of the things this coaster does. Whew, those two reviews took some time. I welcome comments or suggestions and highly recommend this attraction for anyone no matter how far you have to drive. Fire and Ice offer an experience that is impossible to get on any other ride in the world to the best of my knowledge. The theming is superb and all-immersive. I am a huge fan of fantasy literature as well (we high school English teachers tend to like that kind of stuff) and this ride gives the feeling that you are stepping back into the middle ages. I only hope and pray that they do not change ANYTHING about this ride when Harry Potter land comes. I enjoyed the books, but hope that IOA does not mess up the best themed ride on earth by trying to change it. I am somehow afraid they will though. Ice gets a solid 9 from me. Ride the front for a perfect 10 but good seats are located throughout the entire train. Go to Florida and ride this beauty. Now. Hurry!!
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