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 Review of Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
1 Rating Posted by: airpro111 on 12/22/2007 12:32:00 PM
When you are driving into Six Flags, you look to the left and see X towering above the park. Your eyes are drawn more foward though as you can see SFMMs crowded skyline. You make the turn to going into the parking lot. You can see the white wooden masterpiece, Colossus, sitting their, but you are drawn to the orange beast, toppling over Colossus. As you walk to the front entrance, all you want to look at is this great ride that you can see from just about anywhere in the park. Once, you head for Goliath, you are met by a huge sign, spelling you the coasters name. You walk through the giant I, which is the start of the line. As you walk through the line, almost all covered by trees and shurbbery, you arej ust about their. You walk up and into a bamboo building and you select a row that you want to be in. The trains come and go rather fast, so their isnt much tim to waste before you get on. Once it is your turn, you hop on, strap yourself in. The OPs check your bar and then the ok is given.

The train makes a quick turn-around and then you begin your acent up the 250 foot hill. About half way, you ccan look over Six Flags Magic Mountain and all its rides below you. You are still not at the top yet! Just as you are looking over the skyline, the train crowns the top. Here is really were it slows down. YOu are given maybe 4-5 seconds to dede if you want to throw your hands up or hang on to your lap bare like there is no freakin tommorrow. The train then plummets you down to the bottom of the hill. The drop gives you great airtime, and I was almost thrown from my seat. Wind blowing in your face, as much as it feels so good, the train surfaces the bottom, by taking you through a underground tunnel. Once out, the sun comes back and you are then rocketed up the second hill. You get some time to breath as you make a turn around and then are dropped back to earth. No time to waster though as you mount a hill that gives you incredible floater airtime. The train then banks and you turn up into the mid-course break run. You then turn into one of the best g-force helixs in the world. The gs are just incredible, you fell at least 4x your weight, and you really fell it to! As you are pulled out of the helix, you make some quick turns, ending with the break run.

You just survived one of the best hyper coasters in the world. All you can do is catch your breath and reflect on just how awesome the ride was. The train pulls into the station and you are able to exit. You walk through the beautifuly desgined exit and you are ready to get back in line for another ride!
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