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 Review of Jack Rabbit @ Kennywood
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 10/22/2007 8:19:00 AM
Another classic ride at Kennywood whos first drop is not the rides biggest! The ride starts out with some decent drops and turns without even a lift hill. The highlight of the ride is easily the drop right after the lift, the historic "double dip." The airtime was good as promised, but it wasnt the best airtime moment Ive had. In fact, I will take airtime moments from Kennywood’s own Phantoms Revenge and Thunderbolt over Jack Rabbits. I did think it was cool how the whole train was chanting "Double Dip! Double Dip!" all the way up the lift hill and around the subsequent curve. It really built up my anticipation, because the GP usually don’t know rides that well. I was probably the only one on the train who had never ridden it before! So, the double dip was good, but it seemed like a quick moment of airtime, and just not as enjoyable as traditional "bunny hill" air IMO. Unfortunately, element wise, the only thing worth mentioning is this double dip, as the rest of the ride is very lame, short, and uneventful. My only ride was at night, but after watching a POV of the coaster, I am very impressed with how much terrain is used. Too bad I couldnt see it at night, but the darkness made the ride fun in a different way. Also, the trains were extremely comfortable, and featured single-position buzzbars and no seat dividers, as all classic wooden trains should. The ride tracked wonderfully for a 1921 coaster, and like all of Kennywoods coasters involved next to no pain. Overall, I think Jack Rabbit is a bit lame, but the classic factor and double dip really make for a fun ride. My biggest complaint was the length.
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