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 Review of Wildcat @ Lake Compounce
1 Rating Posted by: Coastmost on 9/9/2007 9:26:00 PM
Very underrated ride. I mean, youre telling me that (currently) Music Express ranks higher than it? Horse****. Sure it may make you smack around a bit in the back seat, but thats good IMO. There isnt too much airtime, but what there is is great. I cant compare it to Boulder Dash, but its a good coaster.

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Canobie Coaster on 9/9/2007 9:32:27 PM said:
I have never experienced air time on the Wildcat. Anyway, some of the flat rides like the Music Express have a higher rating than this because many members (including me) grade each ride based on what type of ride it is. I gave Music Express a higher rating than the Wildcat because the Wildcat is a below average wooden coaster and the Music Express is a good himalaya.
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