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 Review of Mission: Space (Orange) @ EPCOT
0 Rating Posted by: suttsman on 9/6/2007 8:23:00 PM
Mission Space is a very intense ride. Why, I even felt light-headed during the beginning. After seeing a real space rover (on rent from Smithsonian), me and my friends went to the pre-show with Lt. Dan from Mission to Mars. (ironic, huh?) They talk about your pimpmobile for your mission, the X-2 deep space shuttle. It has all this stuff that NASA is trying to make, like solid hydrogen fuel, aerospike engines, and speculation stuff like that. After that, the show began. I took the role of Engineer and the ride started.

The best aint waiting for last here. The launch was as spectacular as it was frightening. I knew we were actually spinning around at over 55 mph (2.5g), but it felt like a huge rocket came out of the ride building and took off. My cheeks touched my ears. My chest was pushed out, oddly. Then, during the launch, I think someone has to press a button. My friend was struggling so much with the extra 200 pounds of pressure trying to press it, it was funny... except for him.

Just when you think you couldnt do this for one second longer, you stop. Youre in space now. Congradulations! You just made it through about 75% or so of the pressure that real astronauts feel! It almost feels like youre weightless, though youre still at 1G in real life. I guess all the extra relief you feel, I dunno. Then, you go into something called "hypersleep" or something. Then, the image in front of you looks all freezy and stuff, and then the completely freak you out if youre claustrophobic or afraid of the dark part begins.

Afterwards, three months later (but more like 8 seconds) the exhilarating richochet around the Moon started. Then, you are sped super-fast toward Mars. I guess the ground crumbles or something, then you go through canyons on manual control. And then... I forgot because I was busy puking my brains out. Tip: If you think youre gonna puke, and if you dont know where the barf bags are, DONT TAKE THE ENGINEER PART. The ride is spinning, may I remind you, and the egg salad you ate will be covering your buddies shoes, among other things. Also, if you dont make it to the Barf bag in time, RUN!! We got off, saw another puker lucky enough to make it to a trash can, then out to get some water. I would have given it a ten, but I puked, so 9.
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