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 Review of Maverick @ Cedar Point
4 Rating Posted by: embalmer on 8/29/2007 7:39:00 PM
Finally on my third trip to CP on August 28 i had the opportunity to ride. My unfortune from the replacement of the track notice a week before my first visit which i couldnt cancel, last week it went down for mechanical problems then poured down rain the rest of the evening and the next day . As the gate opened at 10:00 AM i ran as fast as i could until i ran out of steam at the dragster midway. Upon entering the que line the waiting time was 45 Minutes. The line moved steady and it was different listening to the music which reminded me of a country and western movie saloon. I decided on riding the front seat which was a short wait. The OTS restraints felt comfortable when they locked in. The LIM driven lift hill was smooth as it powered you toward the top the fastest ive been on a lift hill going up. I wondered if it would slow down any before you crest the hill which it did. Looking down right before it lets you go the height isnt enough to scare you, but as soon as 95 degrees is reached you are falling with some serious airtime like a free fall. As you quickly enter the banked turns its like one, two, three and your through them. Next the infamous camel back provides floater and ejector air combined. If you werent stapled in and had some room for your body to move up trust me you would be coming out of your seat. The horse shoe rolls were smooth, less intense and sort of gave me a break before the tunnel because as soon as the train entered it seemed like a few seconds then bang the launch turns up the juice big time.
The exit from the tunnel was quick and you were up and over the brief hill heading towards the water and then you were on your way back. The S curve had a smooth transition before the Stengel Dives. The first Stengel was quick like most of the ride and the second one was very radical being the highlight after the tunnel launch before the brake run. One more airtime hill and it ends with a stunning performance. CP needed this ride bad. Height and speed only go so far. And my thinking before they went to the drawing board they may have been tired of hearing many critics rate their current coasters with a lack of elements. Folks, this one has enough to keep your attention.
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