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 Review of Playland Plunge @ Playland Amusement Park
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/13/2007 5:30:00 PM
The Playland Plunge is Playlands Hopkins shoot-the-chute. Located towards the very back of the park, Playland Plunge borders the Atlantic Ocean which results in some spectacular views during the ride. While looking at the ride, Playland Plunge looks very similar to the standard shoot-the-chute, but its a bit different. Unlike other versions that I have been on, this one seats only 10 people per boat, unlike the 20 people like the standard shoot-the-chutes that I have been on. Still, the splash looked just as huge as those from other versions of the ride with a boat twice as large. The Playland Plunge has a large queue, but it wasnt filled when I rode because I rode at night when these rides tend to not have a line. They only were running one boat the day I rode the Playland Plunge, but I saw that they had a second boat. Do they ever use both boats during one day? Well, regardless I dont really ever see capacity being a problem for this ride at Playland. Anyway, I boarded the red boat and the ride began its quick climb up the lift hill. While rounding the curve, you got the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean that I had previously mentioned. Following that was the great plunge found on all shoot-the-chute rides. Then came the gigantic splash that looked the same as the splash on other Hopkins shoot-the-chutes, but somehow I didnt get as wet (this probably was because that I rode once alone and another time just with one young boy). Though it lacked any real theming, the Playland Plunge still was a great ride that easily was Playlands most soaking ride. Overall, a good shoot-the-chute ride that while not as good as other versions by Hopkins, it still is a great ride on a hot day for anyone who enjoys shoot-the-chute rides.
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