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 Review of Apollos Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
2 Rating Posted by: B&M Fan on 8/10/2007 6:45:00 PM
I can not speak highly enough of this ride. I have been wanting to ride this ride ever since it came out and when I found out I was going to Williamsburg, if I only rode one ride all day this was going to be the ride the I rode. Sadly, I did not ride Apollos Chariot until mid day but the lines were not bad at all and waited for the back row. Definitely worth it. Anyway, this was almost like a religious experience for me. I have only been on one hyper before this one and that was Nitro. It was so long ago that I forgot how exciting and amazing these coasters are. Before going on, all I could think about is how good looking a coaster this really is, especially the colors, and watching the trains halt at the end of the ride. Which is right next to the waiting que. Anyway upon getting on the ride, I remembered how awesome the trains and the seats were. So comfortable and extremely safe feeling. Going up the hill I was shaking. Not because I was nervous, but anxious. The drop was everything I hoped it would be, after the pre-drop the train plummeted 210 feet to the water and was just awesome. Going up the second hill was very interesting because someone further up the train lost their map and it hit me in the face. I caught it and did not even care about it because this coaster was just too amazing. The rest of the ride, especially the end with all the airtime was great. The only part the lost any speed was at the end of the turn around before the drop. Nothing too horrible but slightly noticeable. Out of the mid course brakes was fast and full of air time. I loved this roller coaster and rode it one more time before I had to leave this coaster. That was sad. An extremely smooth coaster that I hope to ride again.

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Canobie Coaster on 8/11/2007 7:20:08 AM said:
This also is my favorite coaster overall. Back seat rides on Apollo are crazy. Did you ever try the front seat? Its nothing compared to the back seat in my opinion.
B&M Fan on 8/11/2007 10:01:02 AM said:
Didnt even try the front. The back row was just too good to not do. The first drop on this coaster was simply amazing.
Canobie Coaster on 8/12/2007 9:40:25 AM said:
Yeah, the front seat was a disappointment. There was a little floater air-time here and there, while most of the big drops in the back seat provided some extreme ejector air-time.
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