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 Review of Mind Eraser, The @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/22/2007 10:14:00 AM
The Mind Eraser is my first encounter with an SLC and I am left puzzled by it. I mean the general public loves it and keep getting back in line despite complaining of the constant headbanging and headaches the ride dishes out. My experience on my first SLC is a mixed bag since for me some rides have been surprisingly tolerable and borderline fun, while a few have been absolutely brutal and migraine-inducing. However, the latter of the two experiences tends to be far more common unfortunately.

Of note, Mind Eraser received a fresh coat of paint for the 2009 season and it really stands out and looks great, though it’s just a shame the ride isn’t nearly as good as its looks. Generally this has a 10-20 minute wait, which just barely makes the coaster worth it. The station is very small, but you can wait for a seat. Surprisingly the front actually doesn't have that much longer of a wait than other seats so I often take it since it’s my favorite seat because of the enhanced view, especially of many incredible footchoppers the ride provides throughout the demonically twisted layout, especially the insane one before the double inline twist. Of all of the ride’s seats, honestly the middle seats have provided the roughest ride for me, so go figure.

One note before I detail the ride itself, definitely ride Mind Eraser in a defensive riding position. I like to ride with my head pressed firmly against the left side of my restraint, but even despite that and the restraint’s heavy padding, there’s plenty of headbanging still to be had. This technique just limits it and makes the ride moderately enjoyable rather than a nightmare.

Anyway, the ride begins with a good lift hill. I say good since there's no headbanging and it's cool to look down and not have anything but the ground beneath unlike on B and Ms. After that, the real ride begins. Despite featuring some impressive inversions crammed into an unbelievably small footprint, they feature copious headbanging, especially the sidewinder which is simply one of the most painful inversions I’ve ever experienced as it literally is a ball-buster as the train comes to a dead-halt for a moment, slamming me into the restraint. I however love the incredible footchopper before the double inline twist since it always gives me a casecardiac arrest and I find the inline twist to be enjoyable, intense, and relatively smooth. But the finale is very slow and very jerky, a fitting end for this mediocre coaster, so beware.

As for my final feelings on my first SLC, it really is a mixed bag. I mean it's somewhat enjoyable with all of the unique elements scattered throughout and the high intensity sustained throughout, but the headbanging just ruins this attraction’s lofty potential. Ultimately, the Mind Eraser is a sub-par coaster worth giving a chance, but just remember to ride in a defensive riding position or else be prepared for the worst.
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