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2 Rating Posted by: hrrytraver on 6/28/2007 12:08:00 AM
completely smokin. brevity goes along way with yours truly, and when brevity runs alongside sneaky genius i start to get the vague aroma of that ever rare thing that can never truly be defined, but merely experienced...perfection. raven is like a haiku of wood coaster magic. the essence of the haiku form is that a scant few tools and materials can be assembled into an object of beauty which transcends its own size and/or volume. when one is given a small string of very rich but differing ideas, each idea may reach full blossom in ones mind because it has room to sprout on an uncluttered screen. if done right, the result is a bouquet in which the few elements synergize into a new, singular expression. so therefore when considered in this way the raven is a sublime experience and is helped rather than hurt by its modest length/time. the raven offers me a rippling little moment with just about every element i love about wooden coasters - raw ejector air, convulsing speed, rough-house lateral Gs, and uncoiling, disorienting layers of spatial distortion - but each dealt in tight little parcels and strung together into a fascinating, blurry sequence. it seems like raven is an impossible coaster when you try to reconcile the fact you just went wailing into the final brakes with speed to spare with the fact that the aforementioned brake run is an easy 50 feet ABOVE the lowest portion of the ride. how the heck does raven make it back up that hill to the station with so much energy left over? at 12 years old, raven has plenty "character" and could be argued as the first really profound statement of the wood coaster renaissance. it easily stands with the parks other two newer and larger coasters on the merits of its compact brilliance and its several moments of strong negative G ejections. holiday may have three great, singular and intense wood coasters, but only raven delivers for me the vertical catapult sensation (two definite moments, at least two more decent ones) that i set my spiritual watch to. holiday world went over to even more ambitious, fantastical designs after the success of the raven, but for my taste raven is at the heart of the "holiday world genre", the model and the petri dish for the twisty, speed woody. simply a great ride, and reeking of inspiration. this ride could become a 10 for me with another trip or two out to HW and some more time for the overall raven experience to marinade in my beatnik brain.

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Hercules on 6/28/2007 12:11:03 PM said:
This my not be your best review, but it certainly hit me in the right way. You have never explained your true feelings and experience on a ride quite like you did in this one. I felt like I was actually riding the ride with you in your description. Great job and Im glad you liked the ride so much.
hrrytraver on 6/28/2007 1:24:42 PM said:
thanks herc. i wouldnt argue with anyone who felt that raven was overrated, too short, blah blah. but imo, it is like a brief cliff notes review of everything that should happen in a great woody. i love it for that.
Hercules on 6/28/2007 1:39:21 PM said:
Thats all I really look for too. As long as all of the great details are there, I dont really care how long a ride is. If it has the air, the speed, the unpredictability - then the ride is all that for me.
ginzo on 6/28/2007 7:22:44 PM said:
Thanks for writing an interesting review of an excellent coaster.
Timberman on 6/28/2007 11:36:19 PM said:
Excellent review, compadre. You need to work in this vein more often.
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