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 Review of Thunderhead @ Dollywood
4 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 6/23/2007 4:13:00 AM
Thunderhead is an exceptional GCI wooden coaster, the best I have ever ridden. First of all, it looks absolutely spectacular in front of a backdrop of forested hills. More importantly, though, it provides an outstanding ride, delivering all the goods of a usual GCI woodie, only delivering them better. The first drop sets the pace for the coaster, providing everything this ride is about all in a single maneuver--speed, curves, drops, airtime. Every single curve and drop that follows, be it huge or subtle, is executed perfectly, and the transitions between elements are flawless. The turns and dips all flow so well. What sets this apart even more is the extreme smoothness of the track and the comfort of the trains. Thunderhead is almost un-wooden-like in its smoothness. The station fly-through is very original as well. Overall, this ride is very, very good, plain and simple. It just barely misses making my top 10.

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weaver23 on 6/25/2007 3:52:24 PM said:
What is A GCI wooden coaster?
Got_it on 6/25/2007 8:39:31 PM said:
Great Coasters International
weaver23 on 6/26/2007 4:19:13 PM said:
Oh ok
Hercules on 6/27/2007 11:58:42 AM said:
How can you be a coaster enthusiast and not know what a GCI is?
weaver23 on 6/27/2007 5:23:02 PM said:
I knew youd come in with a comment like that
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