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 Review of Wild Cat @ Hersheypark
1 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 6/5/2007 7:01:00 PM
This is another one of Hersheys rides that is good, but Im not sure what to make of it! I really wish I was able to ride it before this year, to compare it to SFAs Roar (which I dont like), but I am glad that they put Flyers on Wildcat. Now, for the weird part: The Flyers just dont seem to fit the ride! The restraints on both my rides were comfortable when it started, but about halfway through were further down my pants than Hypersonic XlCs restraints get! This must be because the ride was made for another train. It didnt happen on Lightening Racer, and I know a few other people around the park were saying the same things about those darn restraints as well. Because of the groin strain of the second half of both of my rides, I was not really concentrating on how great the ride was, but on how my lower-body was suffering! Not to mention the fact that the airtime and freedom of the second half was diminished if not ruined. It was just a weird thing. Also, the trains seem to have smoothed-out much of the ride, but some parts are a bit bone-rattling! Its kind of a combination of Roars roughness and Lightening Racers mind-boggling smoothness. Again, evidence that the coaster was not really made for the train. But, in the end, I REALLY liked Wildcat! It will get an 8, like Lightening Racer will get, but will be ranked higher than LR. Wildcat was INTENSE; much more so than LR. LR definitely had its moments, the middle of the ride most definitely, but from start to finish, Wilcat was simply out-of-control. The airtime was there, but again, diminished in the second half due to the weird restraints. Laterals were all over the place, despite the banking of the turns. The first drop was one of my favorite wooden first drops. It was twisted, and felt super fast and intense. If Wildcats restraints somehow get fixed, it will most likely become my favorite of the Hersheypark woodens. For now, it is an awesome coaster that is definitely a mixed-bag of events and still leaves me smiling after every ride.

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fergusonat on 6/6/2007 12:59:19 AM said:
Millennium Flyer restraints lower way too easily if you ask me...I know exactly what you mean
Got_it on 6/6/2007 9:11:53 AM said:
Thats exactly what I said in my LR review, they can get very uncomfortable.
hrrytraver on 6/6/2007 10:38:11 AM said:
ive only been on a m-flyer train on one coaster - LR. i didnt like the restraints at all. if theyre all like that id even prefer (gulp) individually ratcheting PTCs.
Canobie Coaster on 7/6/2007 10:49:51 AM said:
I love the Millenium Flyer trains, but like everyone else hate the air-time restricting restraints. Those things hurt us and its like putting a weight on our lower body. Its too bad Hersheypark put Millenium Flyers on the Wildcat, as I loved the rides I got on the Wildcat last year that were amazing. They were packed with air-time and just flat out exciting. Now it seems like the Wildcat has been tamed down and is no longer as exciting of a ride .
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