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 Review of Gwazi Lion @ Busch Gardens Tampa
0 Rating Posted by: Falcon 8 on 5/27/2007 6:49:00 PM
First of all, I would just like to give my personal advice. Choose lion over tiger. For some reason, tiger is way more rough then lion and it makes sort of an unpleasent experience. Lion is more smoother and is more enjoyable IMO. But as for the ride its self, its not bad. The First drop is the only memorable moment for me. The one question that everyone is asking (including myself) is, why does Gwazi no longer duel? I have ridden Gwazi when it was dueling only once and that was a couple months after it open. Gwazi would be so much better if it dueled all the time because that is what it was made for. Another major downside to Gwazi is the SLOW loading. Are the seatbelts really necessary? I think the lap bar is good enough to hold you in. you have to sit down, fiddle with the seatbelt to make it connect, then the cast memebers check if they are on or if your still having trouble with them they will help you, then you have to pull the lap bar down and they go and check you again. Its just such a slow loading process and it seems like it takes forever to get out of the station. Also, at the end of the ride you have to sit there for a while and wait for the car in front of you to get loaded and off the station, so that means you have to sit through the long slow loading process twice. Overall, the ride its self is very good, I like it alot. Just the absence of the dueling and the slow loading process brings down the awesome experience that this coaster was intended to have.
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