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 Review of Volcano, The Blast Coaster @ Kings Dominion
0 Rating Posted by: millforce on 5/19/2007 2:30:00 AM
Amazing ride, just not long enough to get a perfect score. Its over before you know it!

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RCGenius on 5/19/2007 6:15:26 AM said:
Youre an extremely tough & somewhat weird rater. You know that? I checked out your profile & you gave TTD a 10? Thats really soem else because since you said Volcano wasnt long enough for you to give it a 10, but what makes you think that Top Thrill Dragster was a slightly longer ride? Its a one-trick pony for crying out loud. The track lengths near the same too at 2800 feet for TTD as opposed to 2757 feet for Volcano. At least Volcano has more elements.
millforce on 5/19/2007 12:46:32 PM said:
Last time I checked, Volcano doesnt go 120mph or 420 ft in the air. Maybe Im wrong!
weaver23 on 6/16/2007 8:58:10 AM said:
Whats your point?
Hercules on 6/16/2007 10:20:09 AM said:
Last time I checked Top Thrill Dragster doesnt got 128 mph or 456 feet in the air.
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