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 Review of Maelstrom @ EPCOT
-2 Rating Posted by: thare on 5/16/2007 5:31:00 PM
Fun ride. The world showcase needs more damn rides. They need to have more themed country rides.

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mrceagle on 5/21/2007 12:52:59 AM said:
This is not a ride review. this is a discussion for the forums. Talk about the world Showcase in the forums not in a ride review.
taylorb251 on 5/21/2007 4:12:41 PM said:
^I agree this is a bad review.
metssuck on 5/21/2007 4:45:25 PM said:
im with you thare the world showcase needs more rides so contribute to the forum i made about that topic. but i have to agree with the other guys that isnt a ride review.
taylorb251 on 5/21/2007 9:31:01 PM said:
^It looks like some of your reviews.
weaver23 on 5/25/2007 6:40:19 PM said:
yeah true
metssuck on 5/26/2007 10:38:39 PM said:
ok taylorb251 and weaver23 tell me what reviews i have done that you think looks like this.
mrceagle on 5/27/2007 10:51:52 AM said:
Your review for the very same ride is very Similar. remember our communication about using even mild language on the Site outside FoN section.
metssuck on 5/27/2007 12:22:56 PM said:
i know ceagle but i reviewed the ride. i said how i like the trolls and the polar bears. i only said one thing that isnt reviewing the ride when i said that epcot and mgm both need water rides which they do. every park in hot central florida needs water rides. the universal resort which only has 2 parks has 3 water rides and disney has 4 parks but only 2 water rides.
mrceagle on 5/27/2007 1:54:23 PM said:
and 2 water parks. and Water splash area in every park, and Cool zones around the parks. while they dont have water rides there are allot of ways to cool down if you keep an eye out. not to mention allot of air conditioned dark rides.
metssuck on 5/27/2007 10:43:15 PM said:
i know they have ways to keep cool other than the water rides but in the whole resort they only have 2 for 4 parks. the universal resort has 3 for 2 parks and even single theme parks like both busch gardens, and dollywood have 3 so disney is getting blown out in that department i just think 1 water ride for each park would be great.
nyeboy9 on 5/27/2007 10:56:49 PM said:
I count 3 water rides for Disney. Maelstrom, Kali River Rapids, and Splash Mountain. Thats one for each park except MGM, but you do get wet in Catastrophe Canyon on the Backlot Tour. I feel like Im forgetting some ride...
metssuck on 5/28/2007 12:11:55 AM said:
maelstrom isnt a water ride you dont get wet thare and ceagle said it best its a smaller pirates and thats not a water ride. and no you dont get wet on the tour maybe a drop nothing really and your not forgeting any ride. there is just kali river, and splash mt.
taylorb251 on 5/28/2007 8:45:38 AM said:
Metssuck I would compare this review to your congo falls review which has 6 words in it.
metssuck on 5/28/2007 8:15:02 PM said:
ya and it sums up the whole ride cuz that ride sucks.
thare on 5/28/2007 9:29:21 PM said:
I love how my reviews comments turned to a posting match! haha
mrceagle on 5/29/2007 12:54:51 AM said:
nyeboy if that logic was used Disney would have 4 in MK ( Slash, Small world, Jungle cruse, pirates), 1 in AK (kali River), 3 in EPCOT (Land ride, Reo de, Maelstrom), for a total of 8 water rides. Which is a sense is true. But were talking true water rides that are planed to have a splash to get you wet or at least misted. not a water transport ride. but I think my side of this is stronger since I enjoy this ride. ya as a water ride it may suck but not in a hole.
thare on 5/29/2007 2:57:24 PM said:
mrceagle is right. True water rides get you wet or misted. Pirates, Small world, Jungle Cruise, Living with the Land, Reo, and Maelstrom are not water rides. I classify these rides as relaxing boat rides.
nyeboy9 on 5/29/2007 6:52:24 PM said:
I never said that pirates, small world, jungle cruise, etc. were water rides. I still think that Maelstrom counts as a water ride. Do you think they just put two drops, one of which going backwards, in there for laughs?
thare on 5/29/2007 7:02:47 PM said:
They are not in there to get you wet, thats for sure! They are not designed for that reason. They are there for familys not thrills.
metssuck on 5/29/2007 7:34:41 PM said:
maelstrom is not a water ride there is a drop in pirates its not a water ride maelstrom is a poor mans pirates.its a family dark ride not a water ride. i will repeat once more splash mt. and kali river rapids are the only 2 water rides at the disney world resort.
thare on 5/29/2007 7:51:04 PM said:
Amen metssuck! That is my thought exactly! The other boat rides are not water rides, but they are family rides.
nyeboy9 on 5/29/2007 9:35:50 PM said:
Splash Mountain and Kali Rive Rapids arent the only water rides at the Disney World RESORT.

BTW, do you two, thare and metssuck, know each other?
metssuck on 5/30/2007 3:01:13 PM said:
ya at the theme parks they are. the water parks are full of water slides and stuff. why do you think thare and i know eachother.
thare on 5/30/2007 3:37:46 PM said:
Why would you think that???
mrceagle on 5/30/2007 6:20:44 PM said:
because your opinions are practically identical. NyeBoy - If The drops are your reasoning for it being a water ride then so is Pirates. But again its not a chute ride. its a boat ride. the Drops are there to give you a little extra enjoyment to the ride. In reality there simply transitions from one level to the other. that allows them to fit more ride into a smaller area.
thare on 5/30/2007 6:25:42 PM said:
I have my opinions and metssuck has his. It is just an accident that some of our opinions are the same.
mrceagle on 5/31/2007 4:05:16 PM said:
That is most likely the case but when its similar in a number of occasions people start to wonder. I dont really care. if you rate a ride lower back up that rating with reasons.
thare on 5/31/2007 5:36:40 PM said:
Yeah, I understand. Metssuck and I just have things in common. I guess.
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