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 Review of Batwing @ Six Flags America
2 Rating Posted by: Timberman on 5/15/2007 12:02:00 AM
Im no big connoisseur of the flying coaster concept, but I personally find this ride a lot more interesting than its B&M counterpart at Six Flags Great Adventure. The opening act, in which you climb the lift hill on your back and then flip into flying position on the way down the first drop, is a great little stunt. Youre then treated to a layout with just the right combination of swooping, diving, barrel-rolling, and close encounters with the ground and support structure to keep things varied and interesting and to maintain the illusion of flight. What really makes this ride, however, are the transitions between riding above and below the track. I think some have been a little too quick to impute Vekomas usual reputation for brutalizing its riders to what in this case is actually a very comfortable, well-engineered installation. During certain parts of the layout, your chest is bearing the brunt of the forces generated by gravity, so youre going to feel that to some extent. However, until some Swiss ride manufacturer gives us a restraint system made out of bubblewrap, cotton candy, and spun silk, you could do a lot worse than the weird rubbery gizmo that holds you in place on Batwing. It has a sort of organic quality to it, which is a little freaky in a mostly good way. You would be well advised, however, to suck in a chestful of air before closing it around you, since youre not getting any more breathing room once that thing takes hold. Unlike some Vekoma models, this is definitely a roller coaster that should not be ridden defensively. Your best bet is simply to relax, put your arms out like your caped crusader of choice, and let the ride sweep you along. If you approach Batwing with an open mind, you might just be in a for a pleasant surprise. Its proof that despite its ubiquitous production models, Vekoma still has an unexpected trick or two to deploy from its own utility belt.
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