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 Review of Roar @ Six Flags America
0 Rating Posted by: fergusonat on 5/7/2007 12:31:00 AM
I would rank this ride about par with or a notch above Wildcat at Hershey Park (pre-Millennium Flyer trains, that is). It is a bit on the rough side, but it has a fast-paced, solid layout with some great pops of ejector airtime. I had heard some horrible things about this ride going into it, but I came away very pleasantly surprised. The PTC trains hurt the ride in the end, however, as several other reviews already have said. Nonetheless, a solidly good woodie that incorporates a nice twister layout with some well-executed ejector airtime thrown in!

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coasterf42 on 5/8/2007 5:20:32 AM said:
I would like to know where the ejector air is! I am deffinitely going to give this one another try next time I go, but I simply didnt get much from my ride last year accept for a slow, chuggin, boarder-line rough experience.
fergusonat on 5/8/2007 3:32:21 PM said:
Hmm...this ride was anything but slow..at least when I rode it this past Sunday. It hauled through the course pretty well, and there were at least 3 pretty solid pops of ejector air
Hercules on 5/8/2007 4:21:09 PM said:
I got a couple of little hits of air, but nothing spectacular. I dont really think this was designed to give you any air as it is a true twister design.
hrrytraver on 5/10/2007 3:04:38 PM said:
this ride seemed to have less oomph than wildcat. twisters are wierd for me. they seem to exist for their own sake rather than for a thrilling ride. i think a twister layout is exciting if it offers a lot of speed, disorientation and strong forces. roar is disorienting, but not terribly fast or forceful. my hope is that the newer GCIs, k-rumbler etc, are more exciting. imo, roar started a lull of slightly boring coasters from that company, including lightning racer. not bad in and of themselves, but when compared with better wood, such as wild one, they appear mediocre. i wonder if the new trains make wildcat better or "boring-er".
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