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 Review of Great NorEaster, The @ Moreys Piers
1 Rating Posted by: ruffryder on 4/12/2007 3:12:00 PM
This coaster is a knot of pinkish/redish metal interwining around slides, paths, a log flume, and flats. With the supports, track, and coaster all being the same color this coaster looks like someones intesine and its actually looks quite terrifying. The view of the ocean from the top of the first drop is wonderful. And quite terrifying. The compact seats just dont feel all so safe for some reason, and I actually like that. The first drop is intense and after that its hard to tell if your upside down or right side up. This baby packs the punch (literally). Its like one thing after another with foot choppers at every element. I swear right before the final two twist nor easter flips over another section of track and comes so close to de-legging from that damn log flume. Soon after a pole is in front of your face before you roll over again. It felt like they were trying to kill me. Loved it actually. Im giving this coaster an extra point for its unique location. And the fact that boardwalks just dont offer thrills like this. Usually its on the level of some local carnival!
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