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 Review of Rolling Thunder @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 1/29/2007 12:06:00 AM
Waiting in line, I thought I was in for a less than spectacular experience with Rolling Thunder. Running just one train on any wooden coaster leads to a pretty miserable wait, and this one inched along slower than I could have thought possible. At about six minute intervals or so, the dispatching of a train was marked by a hideous screeching of wheels on track, as said train turned from the station to the lift hill. Reviews on this site make the coaster sound pretty bad, and it had an overall worn-down appearance. To make a long story short, I was not in the most receptive mood for this ride by the time I actually got to board. However, it surprised me. The screeching wheels and decrepit look of the ride were just marks of an old-fashioned, classic coaster experience. The long queue time followed from a long ride time, so that at least in part made up for it. And the ride itself was quite good. Plenty of ups and downs with good negative gs, and several turns with good lateral gs. This is a racing coaster, and while it was of course not racing, I think it looked pretty cool, with the side-by-side tracks sort of leap-frogging each other rather than traveling directly next to one another. I dont know what the status of the two tracks here is, but I imagine if it ever does race, it would provide an even better ride. As the train returned to the station, I was noticeably happier than I thought I would be, and certainly happier than I had been prior to boarding. Had it not been for the ridiculous wait time (and maybe the fact that this coaster has the misfortune of being located right next to the new king of wood coasters, El Toro), I may have given Rolling Thunder a 10.
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