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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
1 Rating Posted by: Got_it on 11/2/2006 3:45:00 PM
While its name is Superman: Ride of Steel. Dont be fooled, it is not another one of those crappy Daren Lake models, this blows those away. Standing a mighty 208 high, it can be seen from the highway even when you are still 20 mins away. When you come right up to it, it seams even higher. And if you are standing anywhere around it when the train flies by, the ground shakes and everyone looks up, much like if the real superman flew by. The enterence can be easy to miss as it is part of one of the buildings and there really isnt much of a sign. You board the train and get ready your you quick assent to the top of this steel monster. Once at the top you look over the top and see track shooting into a tinny hole in the ground, that you think you could never fit in. Then you fly down what feels like a 90 angle. You fly into the mist filled tunnel, and sail right back out. Go over an air time filled hill, though an over banked turn, then into the two big air times hills. After this you travle up a large hill banking to the right then turn and go back down to the left, though a big helix, then up turn to the left another helix, then you dive though another mist filled tunnel, past the Thunder Bolt, then two bunny hops a turn to the right then the break run. This is defintly a ride that has to be ridden to be believed. Being only their 2nd hyper to open, I think that Intamin did a great job. If you go to Six Flags and miss this ride, I dont know how you could call your self a coaster enthusiasts.
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